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Exit the Matrix that is the Housing Market

Exit the matrix that is the housing market and create a new earth instead..

Renting is just throwing income down the drain (wealth that can be used to create a new earth), and most homeowners pay beyond what their house is worth due to social conditioning, the housing bubble, and interest rates. When we understand how much money is being lost to houses that are not actually worth the price they carry, we can reorient our funds towards practical housing investments such as buying our own land and constructing homes from recycled materials, or taking on more affordable housing projects like tiny houses, geodesic domes, yurt building, earth building, etc. This allows extra funds to be saved for other primary investments like gardening, food forestry, creative expression, travel, animal care, and whatever else aligns with your version of a new earth.

Taking control of the housing experience also allows us to build with nature, using raw materials from the earth while creating geometrically synthesized structures that align with the architecture of earth rather than against it. This will create a subtle energetic shift that allows for one's home to exist as a temple, where energy is transferred through nature up into a focal point on the home, as the house becomes charged with life force energy from the earth, rather than stuck in an energetic grid that saturates the house in radiation.

The house will also exist as an emblem, a reminder, for those who dwell in it to be with nature as much as possible. Nature has been scientifically (I know, ironic) proven to speed up processes of healing. Fractal geometry inundates the subconscious mind with an electrical charge that is conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual integration, instead of chaotic design that carries no mathematical pattern and in turn diverts the subconscious from balance and order into the lost realms of chaos and confusion.

Envision this: Glass atriums with wild forestry moving amongst them, garden rooms that invite nature into the home, and skylights placed in geometrically oriented spaces that allow sun to flood the room, a pentacle of power and adoration reminding us to return to our own inner light.

Soul families gathering every weekend for celebration, as they light palo santo, beeswax candles, and create fires, dancing underneath the stars and in the morning, picnicking on the hilltops or swimming in the crystal blue rivers.

You sitting next to your sister or brother, singing songs and chanting incantations, calling out to the sunset as source bathes your body in a light reminder of its powers. The blue, pink, and purpled hue of the sky reminds you to surrender to something greater than a realm of egoic confusion and illusion, as you drift into sleep and melt through space, held by those who adore you.

We need our living spaces to hold us, to align us, to bring us back to the cocooned comfort of the earth. We need to be children again. Running along the rocks and falling into mystery, as enchantment is reawakened through our childlike curiosity, and we are inevitably brought home through our own purity.

We need to change our entire perspective on housing, and once we do, a new earth will begin to germinate.

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