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Intimacy and Vulnerability are Becoming a Lost Art

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Painting by Elena Averina

If humanity was represented by a mass chakra system, I have a feeling the heart chakra would be shut off.

Why? Because intimacy and vulnerability are becoming a lost art, and fear has become a staple of motivation, not love.

What humanity slowly forgets, is that love is married to risk, and vulnerability carries the sanctimonious inevitability of pain.

A world that strives to forever "play it safe" is a world that has become a slave to the brain. Overextending your brain into a state of intellectual masterbation puts you in a position of internal deception. You think you're doing everything right, because your misplacement of intellect has convinced you to abandon the heart. Yet, the heart cries for you to remember it too contains intellect, yet this intellect isn't thought about - it's felt.

The heart speaks through instinct and the brain speaks through thought. Both instinct and thought are precious, but when one is overused or misused the entire body falls out of alignment.

This is why the world operates from a trauma-reaction state. The collective has groomed itself to respond through the overly used signaling of fear and shock.

Instead of waking up and dancing in the declaration that our existence, our empathy, our daily breath is a miracle, many wake to check in with their monitors - the television, the phones, the collective state of humanity, to decipher what mood they should be in for the day.

Fear, when misused, is controlling. The heart, when misused, is naive.

The brain, when correctly implemented, is a master of critical thinking, and a steward to the heart.

The heart, when correctly understood, is a genius whose visionary efficacy is often ahead of its time.

This is why the heart needs the mind to hold a safe and discerning container for it to create in, and the mind needs the heart to steer it in the direction of wisdom when mental thought can only reach so far.

If the heart is ungrounded and operating through trauma, it will bring chaos to the chakra system. If the mind is obsessed with external application, it will bring numbness to the chakra system.

Right now the collective operates from an either numb/dissociative state, or from a trauma reaction state, where everything (no matter how serious or not) appears threatening. This means, as mentioned above, we need deeper integration of the heart and mind.

We need more time to feel the emotions within our body, while spending less time overthinking or allowing the computers and televisions around us to think for us.

Allowing technology to control our path (in an obsessive way) shuts the heart down. It reminds the heart its instinct is no longer needed, when the opposite is true.

As a technocracy looms in the horizon of human consciousness, the hearts genius instinct and capacity to feel is needed now more than ever. For it is the heart which contains the power to remind us of the majesty that is being human, we feel beyond realms of thought and language. A smile is universal. A laugh or a yawn is contagious. Humans are intrinsically tied together and capable of profoundly affecting one another through feeling.

This, is the wisdom of the heart.

This wisdom we shall not ignore.

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