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Western Culture's Misconception of Death

When we look at the story of Christ and the resurrection, whether we see the story as truth or fiction, we can recognize the most powerful message this story has communicated to humanity, is that death isn't the end.

Almost every issue humanity has been plagued with revolves around the notion that death represents the obliteration of the soul. Fear of death has been routinely used as a catalyst to instill fear programming into human existence creating compliance, stagnation, and an intolerance to risk in the human psyche.

It's not the threat of death that has turned civilizations into docile and suppressed regimes, but the fear that death is the end of life, that has turned many men and women into cowards.

Western society has lost its connection to spirit, and through this loss we see the birth of primal reaction, where fear runs the course of human consciousness instead of love.

It's no coincidence that western science, which is often persuaded by monetary sponsorship over ultimate truth, is also founded on atheism. Scientists who claim that science should be unbiased are often found intermingling their beliefs in atheism with unfounded theories on the brain being a mere machine that, when shut off, dies and dissolves into a void of nothingness. The inability to ascertain that the brain may be a transmission device, a receiver of the soul, displays the reductionistic tunnel vision mainstream science operates through.

The acceleration of worldwide authoritarianism has only been permitted through the worship of false science. Science that obscures the word "fact" into that of doublespeak, as the past few years have shown us many scientists are simply religious fanatics, aiming to worship and follow whatever religious/scientific trend the priest of science is touting at the moment. We can see this trend very blatantly displayed through the worship of Fauci - a doctor turned scientific solicitor, who once claimed to be the embodiment of science himself.

Modern science has simply become a tool to instill fear into the human psyche. What's ironic, is that modern religion has been distorted to do the same. Compare atheism, a belief that has spread into mainstream science, with the concept of dying and going to hell. The two theories are highly similar, as they both use death as a mechanism to ingrain fear into the human psyche, creating a mental weapon of control over human ambition.

Though the bible contains the resurrection story, a deeper method of control needed to be used to keep humans in alignment with authority. Sure, you live beyond death, but you'll most likely end up in a realm of infinite suffering that makes even the strongest of men beg to be obliterated.

These stories, of death, being a void of nothingness, or a catastrophic gateway to suffering, they're merely stories used to enslave the mind. To reclaim love, sovereignty, and freedom, one must reclaim their relationship with their own mind.

Humanity is beginning to liberate itself, not all of humanity, but fragments of humanity are waking up to the fact that one's mental state is either a gateway to paradise or a mere tool for imprisonment.

The scientists and priests can preach from the gospels of fear programming all they'd like, but in the end it is you who has control over the domain of your own consciousness. It is you who gets to decide what you ultimately believe. And it is you who is responsible for the programming of your own mind.

All else is just noise, attempts at thwarting your own divine connection to spirit, whatever that may be, can never infiltrate the mind to such a degree that it doesn't contain the autonomous will to simply change the perception it carries.

In conclusion, is death the end? That is up to you to decide.

I see death as an end, and as a beginning, a rebirth into other realms. The concept of death, to me, sounds like an adventure, and so I am not threatened by death, but by the idea of not seizing life.

You possess the freedom to believe whatever aligns with your soul. In the end of this life, to know you've been the master of your own perception, the purveyor of your own consciousness, is the ultimate sign of self-mastery and human liberation. On this day, I celebrate the magnitude of mental perception, and the free will to invoke the power of the mind through one's decision to either embrace life, or remain owned by a concept of death. The reality is yours to seize.

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