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When the Collective Timeline Speeds Up

It seems the collective timeline is speeding up. This entails the sharpening of reality as the collective is threaded like a string through a needle, with pinpoint precision as truth (internally and externally) becomes impossible to avoid.

Karma isn’t waiting to surface as it used to. Remember, karma is a tool for rebalancing that which has fallen out of alignment on a soul’s path. It’s not a shame-oriented occurrence nor is it a religious phenomenon. It is actually physically based but unable to be seen through the visible light spectrum. My guess is that it will be physically studied one day when physicists figure out how to monitor dark matter. Until then, many will scoff at the term “karma” as they are ironically undergoing karmic consequences of their own.

This realm is holographic to a degree. If one domino of truth falls upon the surface, a cascading of events and revelations typically follows. We cannot peer down the rabbit hole without being saturated in the magic that lies beneath. Once a glimpse of magic is seen the soul has no choice but to follow this magic no matter how deeply it requires the subconscious mind to wander.

You can tell a timeline is speeding up when the subconscious no longer hides from the conscious mind. This means that skeletons in the closet, cobwebs of the mind, dust upon the depths of the subconscious psyche, get brought to the surface. When time speeds up the collective and individual subconscious/conscious mind merges whether we are ready for it or not.

Those who resist truth, wearing rose colored glasses and expecting reality to operate for the sole benefit of their ego, will be pushed into reckoning with their own denials. This happens on a collective and individual level, and it must be noted that people who glue their eyes to the computer screens, waiting for the demolition of public systems and the fall of certain public figures, would be wise to pull away from the external and look at their own path.

Yes, this world is ridden with darkness, but only because we have subconsciously allowed it. This is an incredibly bitter pill to swallow, to realize that reality doesn’t have to feed darkness if individuals remain aware and attuned to themselves, making inner work a common practice rather than a rarity.

The more individuals commit to inner work the faster the collective timeline speeds up. Yes, some can take the path of awakening and then backtrack, attempting to close their eyes once again and wander down a path of denial. However, karmically, when an individual wakes and then tries to go back to sleep, their path will not support denialism mentality in the way it used to. It’s similar to when you start eating healthier food, yet go back to fast food or highly processed food, your body makes it clearer than ever before that this food no longer suits it.

The potential to hide darkness (collective and individual) behind a veil of ignorance is dwindling. The time to be transparent with yourself, to strike a chord of honesty through the system of the mind, is now. When we do not commit to our own personal transparency, reality caves in around our denials. Many attribute the materialization of denials to bad luck, not realizing that they have more power through their own domain of existence than they care to take responsibility for.

The timeline of this reality speeds up whether we want it to or not. The power of this force, of revelation and awakening, can be used as leverage to tap deeper into your purpose, and root farther into the complexity of your own psyche. Each individual can either ride the collective wave, as the force of such power brings them closer to their own power, or they can get lost in the force of such a shift. It always comes down to freewill and choice. What choice will you make?

"The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight." - Joseph Campbell.

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