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Mary's Journey


Mary was born in Atlanta, Georgia, a quiet child whose perception of reality repeatedly clashed with her surroundings. She found herself swaying from one end of societal reckoning to another. Mastering the art of social disobedience by getting suspended from school, only to jump shift, becoming a lead force for the new age movement at her local Unity church.


As an adult she continued trends of social reversal, from pre-recording a record with Warner Bros and playing the social field in a casuistic manner, to gracefully falling into a deep depression as she learned what every human must eventually learn - the material realm will not suffice in healing parts of us we continue to deny.

True healing is rendered through surrendering to the swampy morass of the unconscious mind, and this is what Mary began to do, witness and embrace the entire scope of darkness she had tried to run from. As shadows she had hidden through anamorphic pipe dreams began to surface, she became increasingly interested in concepts of energetic relay.

How was it that some people lacked “luck”, seemingly caught in inconvenient traps no matter how hard they tried to conquer their power?

Embedded into melancholic versions of reality that seemed to create the mirroring of their stuckness externally.

And then you have the “lucky” souls. The creatures who seem to practice magic without uttering a spell. Those whose realities morph to meet the manifestation of their desires, versus those who cannot seem to inherit even a moment of opportunistic shine?

Life carried too much synchronicity, negative or positive, to not be wildly orchestrated by the cleverness of a harmonic system that yearned to bring a reckoning to the human mind.

Mary studied these trends of energetic synchronization, undertaking a journey of internal alchemization that taught her how inner authority succeeds external distraction. Through the convergence of inner worlds one becomes the master of their own universe, rather than a slave to it.


She has applied these discoveries of inner power to the world that surrounds her, infusing her knowledge into metaphysical writings, business expansion, artistic creation, and relaying her findings to other powerful souls.

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