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Everyone is on a sacred path of purpose but the rate in which this purpose unfolds is correlated to the blueprint of the soul. Disoriented pieces of the soul must be reborn into synchronized alignment with self. In these meetings, we bring fragmented pieces of the soul closer together. From chaos or confusion, or simply stagnation, to an emboldened hue of personal renaissance that glistens a sense of calm yet infinitely determined focus. As we integrate these realizations into your consciousness, through this magnification of self-hood the love you wish to carry and the purpose you desire to expand, is reborn.

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"Working with Mary initiated a process of metamorphosis for me. I realized the potent magic I carried in my soul was more than I ever needed to heal parts of me that remained separate. I conquered lost particles of my soul that yearned to feel whole, and found home within my heart. From there, everything fell into place. I am forever grateful for the time we shared"

-Lance M.



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In these sessions, we dive into the internal and external world you collaborate with. It's through the synthesis of these two worlds that the power of one's purpose is activated. Every session is unique because each person I work with meets me on a different part of their soul journey.


The sessions usually separate into two categories, the first being a set of sessions that revolve around healing, re-integrating fractaled pieces of the subconscious mind that were disoriented or confused during trauma. The second category is for those who have already set out on the healing journey, and are ready to focus solely on their path forward, making the embodiment of life purpose the main priority.


All sessions include intuitive insight, discussion surrounding emotional intelligence, and strategic plans for implementing your purpose. We work together on a case by case basis and move at a pace that feels gentle yet firm in resolving all subconscious links that form limiting perspectives into higher aspects of the psyche. This allows for the potential of the soul to finally shine through.

I look forward to working with you!

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