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The creation of healing friendships and connections by way of alchemical  refinement.

Our next online synthesis is about inviting sacred connections, (friendships, community, etc.) into our reality. Humans carry an antennae-like capacity to signal intentions into this world. This antenna can be used to invite sacred connections in, and deter unnecessary connections from being created. That which is not holy and pure doesn't need to be invited into one's sacred reality container.

You have more control (heart-based control) over your life than you may believe.

To seize the magic you contain and conjure up healing connections through inner magic, is not only your birthright, but a necessity for the soul at this point in time. Connections nourish the soul and provide a nexus point of growth, a higher lens of sorts, for the mind to better understand itself through. This is why connections catalyze the evolution of the soul when created through innocence. We will explore the potential each one of us carries to invite high forms of communication, consciousness, and child-like wonder / presence into our lives via sacred connection.


We will study energetic reflection - how you can refine your field to a degree of innocent intention, where grounded yet enchanting lines of energy intercross.


Intimacy is a requisite amongst the journey of the soul.


Purchase: $22 

To purchase a spot, you can send $22 through Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. After this, join the Facebook group below. This is where all extra questions will be answered and where the live workshop link for our zoom meeting will be. If you don't have Facebook email me (email listed below) and I will send you our zoom link. If your payment name is different than your Facebook name, please leave a note so I know to let you into the group.

Venmo: mary-allison-18 [four digit code is 7870]

Facebook Group:

This workshop will be recorded. If you do not make it live you can view the recording afterwards. It will be posted in the group.    

DATE: Sunday, August 6th

6:00pm Eastern                  3:00pm AZ

3:00pm Pacific                    4:00pm MT
5:00pm Central                 11:00pm U.K.         


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