- A Four Class Intuitive Development Course

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Starting Sunday, October 9th

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***Classes will be recorded if you are unable to join live. For a full list of classes see below.

- The esoteric and physiological mapping of intuition.
- Lifestyle choices / conscious habits to create a deeper intuitive flow.
- Real world intuitive exercises to continue the evolution of your intuition


Developing intuition is synonymous with the maturation of the mind. Many do not realize this, but one's intuitive capacity is directly linked to the level of awareness they carry towards their subconscious mind. When the subconscious is cluttered with unresolved pieces of the past, the intuition has a harder time surfacing. This course is about developing intuition, and in turn diving deeper into the ravine that is the subconscious. Not only will we partake in intuitive exercises, and study techniques that increase our connection to intuition, but we will work with aspects of the subconscious mind that yearn to be integrated into the collective psyche.

When we lean into the complex webbing that is the subconscious, we begin to understand ourselves more, and therefore trust ourselves more. Stepping into these levels of trust as the heart expands allows us to lean into the power of the subconscious mind as we harness the potential of the intuition.


Class Dates:

Sunday, October 9th - The Esoteric and Physiological Mapping of Intuition

Sunday, October 16th - The Application of Intuitive Processes - Lifestyle choices / conscious habits to create a deeper intuitive flow. We will also cover sacred intuition, which is using intuition for the benefit of healing, rather than ego.

Sunday, October 23nd - Unlocking Your Potential, Stepping into your Intuitive Power

This class will incorporate intuitive exercises.

Sunday, October 30th - Corse Summarization, plus a Question / Answer Session

Class Times:

3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT / (US TIME ZONES)

8:00 pm UK (UK TIME)

****All classes will be recorded for later viewing if the timing doesn't align.

****Questions are welcomed and answers will be shared during the classes.

Price: $75 for the entire month (includes four classes) 

Note** If you'd like to join this corse but funds are tight, please email to join.

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To Purchase:
Send $75 through Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal
with the subject *intuition*. You will be messaged and added to the course through your preference, the Facebook or Telegram group. Or, you can press "purchase" below to email mary directly for sign up.

Venmo: mary-allison-18

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