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It's the Sensitive One's Who Create New Worlds

It’s the sensitive who create new worlds,

and the numb who reinforce old worlds.

Even if a dying world is held together

by a small string,

a sliver of denial that would rather die

in a hall of mirrors,

than be reborn into the light of truth,

to those who have chosen numbness,

that sliver of denial remains their sun.

The sensitive create new worlds, new societies, new philosophies,

because their bodies’ remembered from the minute they were born,

that something was off-kilter.

The love we so deeply knew,

was fragmented,

diced into small pieces of forgotten potential.

Teachers taught us how to memorize,

and the news taught us how to pathologize truth.

We were the outcasts, the stunned rejects that constantly thought -

this is not it… it can’t be it.

Society cannot be meaningless.

Truth cannot always remain shrouded in deception.

The purpose of life must not be to work, sleep, and die.

The sensitive always knew

that this world couldn’t maintain itself.

After all, a cyclical pattern of repeated numbness

is nothing to live for…

Nor die for.

We humans have souls.

And the sensitive one’s remember

that life was never intended to be mechanized.

That love, was never a concept meant to corner others,

but a pathway to liberate one’s soul.

The outcasts, the sensitive one’s,

they became the sculptures,

the architects,

the ones who dared to remember

the love that this old world tried so desperately

to suppress.

The dreamers spoke their dreams

and the architects brought those dreams to life.

And the old world faded into the distant horizon

as a new world grew from the minds of those

who dared to remember.

Art - Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia

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