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Sacred Connection

Just as precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver are valued for their rarity, so is a genuine bond between souls.

The terms community and family get tossed around so frequently these days that their definitions have become hollow representations of what they could be. People who casually brush by one another at a rave or festival refer to strangers they hardly know as family. This is a distress signal, a sign that humanity has yet to understand the implications of a true familial bond. To sterilize the power of such words by claiming anyone with a new age vibe, or a didgeridoo, is now part of the new earth community shows a lack of wisdom as to what actual community is.

Community, family, sacred connection, is established through a series of initiations where the true essence of one's darkness and light is cast upon the other. How can you claim to be bonded before your body's have been radically honest in their design, eclipsing one another until the connection is so aware of its shadowy ways that it can shine light on the darkest of mental territories?

Connection begins as a pathway to source, an energetic reaction between souls that mutually ushers both spirits deeper into the rings of their purpose. Once this call back to source is heard and affirmed, more connections are formed until these connections embody the symbology of branches on a tree. The roots of the tree are the individual and collective "dark nights" that had to take place before these souls were matured enough to gather. The trunk of the tree is the shared values and beliefs of those who gather, representing a strength in numbers and solidity in collective discipline and accountability. The branches of the tree are how these beliefs and values translate or manifest into the physical world.

Right now the new age culture tries to build branches of communal connection before establishing the tree's roots or trunk. The aim is to create a sense of community without doing the self-work to actually realize true community. False community allows for trauma bonds, gossip, scapegoating, and hidden agendas. Real bonds take time to ripen and this is by design, because a bond without the duration of conflict lacks the refined power created by radical honesty. Any true community or connection will carry the distinct capacity to objectively observe itself, as genuine growth does not occur without genuine honesty.

This means the way into sacred connection is a path of radical self honesty. Admitting to the shadows within, then refining the self by integrating those shadows until they dissolve into zero point, as the soul becomes integrated instead of fractured.

These integrated souls act as beacons for one another. Recognizing eachother through an energetic synthesis that creates a safe and solid container for the energies to imbue one another with insight. As two distinct colors blend to create a new and unique color, these two energies share their genius without hubris or self-absorbed intentions, but with a humble knowing that their crossing is nothing short of a miracle and will spawn more branches off the tree of genuine community in the future.

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